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What's New(2002)

  • 2002/11/30Award presentation! We have posted the award presentation ceremony
  • 2002/11/24"TOKYO GAME SHOW 2005" Visitors Survey Report has been issued
  • 2002/11/14"TOKYO GAME SHOW 2002" Visitors Survey Report has been issued
  • 2002/09/30"2002 CESA Games White Paper" has been issued
  • 2002/08/02[Press Release]The 6th Annual CESA GAME AWARDS will be held
  • 2002/07/17Notice of Association Name Change
  • 2002/07/15[Press Release]The Theme of TOKYO GAME SHOW 2002 Is "Playing Is in Our DNA"
  • 2002/04/16[Press Release]Opening of "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2002"